Welcome to Archers Auto Springs

Archers Auto Springs was established in 1955 by Burt Archer.  The company began as a blacksmith shop but in 1957 Burt officially changed it into a leaf spring manufacturing workshop, with a total of two staff. By 1962 staff numbers had increased to eight and by 1982 over 23 staff were employed.

The original furnaces were fuelled by oil and all high temperature eye rolling forges were fuelled by a coal, coke mixture. Both were later converted to run on gas.

Over the years Archers Auto Springs has continued to expand and now has shops in Rotorua, Auckland and Hamilton. Most of the spring manufacturing work for the additional companies is done in the Rotorua branch and transported the respective operations in Hamilton and Auckland. However urgent and most repair work is still done in house.

Archers Auto Springs is constantly upgrading plant and machinery and sees it's long term goal as the major manufacturer and supplier of not only it's own branches but other spring shops throughout the country. In 2001 Archers Auto Springs began manufacturing torsion and compression coil springs. This was a process that involved the in house design and manufacture of a special 8 meter long furnace, end grinders, compressing and rolling equipment.  Archers Auto Springs now design and supply coil springs throughout New Zealand.

In 2005 Archers Auto Springs began manufacturing complete springs and replacement leaves for parabolic tapered leaf spring packs. These parabolic springs are, also now designed and supplied throughout New Zealand.